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Total Annihilation’s


Total Annihilation’s

Gaming News

March 2017 - Zeal Map packs broken up into two packs.  PD Marathon maps coming from Bully will be uploaded.  Put the ChrisMor maps back up.  Have them set in packs.  Download the packs and get CM maps that are listed. - Matt

Will have links to Esc.  Do not know if we are hosting all of the files since they are already online here (  But I will provide the links on where to get.  See what Boog wants to do. - Matt

Jan 2017 - Happy New Year!  Regular site clean up. - Matt

Jan 2016 - Happy New year!  We have not been freeze dried.  Working on a project.  The project is the Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter.  I am telling you right off the bat.  If you are going to put any camera or Gimbals or hang anything off of this Quadcopter you will not be happy.  The stock motors are underpowered, 920Kv?, don't think you are getting that with 8 inch props or even 9443 props.  Maybe 9450 props.  You can increase your propeller to 9 inch (9450) and will get some relief.  But if you add a Gimbals you better be using 2213 motors 980kv (on order Sunnysky 2212-13).  Will be ordering prop adapters too for ccw-cw since these motor only thread one way.  You will have to change (swap) one of the wires that attach to the esc to make it spin the other way. The current draw from an add on is too much for a hard coded alarm senor, using stock motors.  I won't go crazy here.  They have more info over at Rcgroups search for Cheerson cx-20.  It is a good Quadcopter but you will need to mod it, unless you are flying stock with no camera attached.  Who would do that right?

Oct 2015 - I was looking around and found a TA patch, v3.9.02 (Unofficial) but people are using it.  I won't put the file here but you can head over to TA Universe and find out the info. - Matt

Sept 2015 - Working on a Quad.  It will be a 310-330 Night Hawk -Matt

Jan 2015 - Happy new year. - Matt

Oct 2014 - Added a few more maps to the site. - Matt

Sept 2014 - Season 2 of Blood Wars added to You Tube. - Matt

July - Need to get more maps on the site.  Will be taking over for the other guys. - Matt

April 2014 - Added [D] The Pool to the maps section. - Boog

December  2013:Added an article section for various Tech News or projects we might be undertaking. - Boog

August 2013: New link for ranking system.  Have to try and get some games going again.  If you have had your name taken down let me know and we can get it resolved. - Boog

July: Site under reconstruction.  Get with me so I can get the important maps back up. - Boog

June 2013: Going to update the maps section.  Seems there are some new map packs out on Warzone. - Boog

May 2013: Warzone back up ! - Boog

Jan 2013: Warzone Seems to be down.  I will try to keep you updated via Twitter - John

Updated the [D] maps in the map section.  - John

October 2012: Put up an update to the demo recorder.  It seems that people are having problems when they alt-tab out of the game, sometimes happens by mistake.  You can use the multi-core patch and you can also download the update that is in the essentials section.  You install the 98b2 then the 0.5.45 by dropping all of the contents into your totala folder.  It will overwrite some files.  You can make a copy of the ones you are over writing if you want to.  It will be fine if you do not.  Then you get the files from the update and drop them into your totala folder and it will over write some files, some the same as the 0.5.45 update.  This update is from earlier in the year and seems to help clean up some bugs in the Demo recorder. - John

Signed up for Twitter and am posting Cnet site as well.  They have a lot of good tech information.  - John

September 2012: is back up.  You can go to to download the latest lobby client.  - John

August 2012: Deleted some videos added to You Tube. - John

July 2012: Fixed some broken links. - John

June 2012 - Added Fetz Map Pack Authored by TAG_GLUFETZ - John

May 2012: Redoing the maps page.  Get in touch with Boogieman if you have any suggestions on what maps should be included. - John

March 2012: It has been done.  And then it was done again.  And then Again.  For the 47th time we present Gow again.  Umm, I mean GOW 47. - John

Just uploaded Gods of War 45.  OMG.  We might actually arrive at our fantasy number GOW Infinity.

Uploaded Episode 6 of the Blood War series. - John

February 2012:We just got added to the online gaming site.  Thanks to all that helped out. and Online battle results are in the navigation.  I say online because some guys can only join via IP.  So they are not really on the server. - John

January 2012:  Gods_of_War_44 seems to be the new map of choice.  Don't know when they are gonna stop making variants of this map. - John

Probably more of the same.  Uploaded some files that someone keeps messing up.  Think I will forward that IP to my Internet provider.  - John

December 2011 - Boog tells me he is gonna work on the forums.  Give him a shout if you have any new ideas or maps that we can add.  Last of the Labeled updates. - John

Nov 29th, 2011 - Added a battle on King of the Hill.  Good players square off on this resource rich map.  It is an all time favorite of mine.  It is located in the You Tube Section. - John

Oct 21st, 2011  Added (47_ZM_WarOfGods) map to the site and some You Tube Videos.  ZM WOG's is in the maps section.  The map itself plays like gow 2 but a little more wide  open.  Thank No_Limits for letting us know about this map. - John

Sept 1st, 2011: Formatted a video on Trout Farm to fit on You Tube site.  Will be adding to get more exposure for and - John

August 22nd, 2011: Uploaded a new video on Acid Foursome.  Will try to get to the back log that I have created.  Thank you for your support. - John

July 22, 2011: Back up and running.  I will have some more videos out.  Trying not to duplicate what we have on the site already. - John

June 22, 2011:  One of my servers has to get switched out.  Might be a few weeks before I can get back up to speed.  I apologize for any inconvenience. - John

May 24th, 2011:Just had a problem solved with the Ta Demo Recorder.  Seems that if you are getting blocked by your anti-virus that you have to enable it in the program settings.  If this does not work, disconnect your computer from the Internet then launch your .tad by clicking on it.  Seems that as long as you are not connected to the Internet your anti-virus wont try and block it.  I was able watch one game then turn Internet back on and it worked. - John

April 12th, 2011: Take a look at this map named Ice Plains.  It is great for 3 vs 3 or more.  Limited resources make this a big late battle game.  You can get it in the maps section. - John

March 24th. 2011: A tad of the GOW II Land map has been made into a video.  It was submitted to iTunes.  If you have iTunes should be real easy to get.  It was a good game.  Plays a bit like WOG except not as much water. - John

March 23rd, 2011: New video uploaded on New World Apocalypse to the You Tube Section.  Also,think I saw a new map out there featuring a land version of GOW II.  I think we should stop renaming maps after other maps.  It is getting confusing.  A better title for this map might be like War Of Mars or something because of the red soil.  I played this game and D-gunned a couple of flashes 3 times before they died about a month ago.  I took a look at the tad and other units were dying.  Then another person in the game said, man I think the guy I was playing was doing something.  After checking it both players had the same time up north (they were 30 secs behind)  and the southern players had similar times (they were ahead 30 secs).  So I get into this game today and I am like d-gunning units and again they wont die.  Hmm I says, so I take a look at the tad and other units were dying but all of a sudden they stopped dying, if that makes any sense.  I dont know who you guys think you are fooling.  Everyone has access to the recorder.  I am holding back about 5 more recordings with trainer toggling.  I wont go into it for fear of spreading more stupidity.  For those wondering, I am doing it on my own.  No one tells me what to post.  But my patients is running thin. - John

March 9th, 2011: New hack/trainer revealed.  Seems there is a switch that makes your com a veteran.  I have seen a few so called experts make a guardian in 28.7 sec or less and laser towers in 21.9 secs.  Oh forgot to mention, I bought a new electronic stop watch.  So it won't be guessing if it is fast, it will be on the money.  No this person only had 3 kills, so he was not a veteran.  I took my com with 3 kills and with the help of a con made a guardian in about 34 secs.  Told one of the players that were in the game and he was so impressed that he even joined the "Experts" clan.  WOW!  Guess I know were that person is coming from now.  Well I have about 30 more tads to go look at.  Thanks for sending them in. - John

March 1st, 2011: Fixed the internal You Tube link.  Those of you having problems viewing videos on the site have to update your flash players, go to  This site is flash intensive.  Makes it easier for me to get things done.  You Tube videos now on the site.  Just go to online battles and click the You Tube Videos site link in the top middle of the page.  Smaller files and compressed battles will now be stored there. - John

February 24th, 2011: Just got finished talking to a few peeps.  Seems that the large size of the video files might be hindering some of you from viewing them.  If you can't hit play, reload the page then hit stop and hit the play button when it appears.  You might have to wait a few but the video should load up.  I have some solutions that I have setup;

1. Having the videos start the loading process once you enter a page.  All the Old Skool videos are set up this way now and half of the newer videos.

2. Download iTunes to your computer it is free.  There are about 7 or so videos and can be downloaded to your computer then watched from iTunes, search Total annihilation.

3. Have an iphone ?  The videos with the iphones / i touch in the comments are compatible.  Just use your phone to surf to the site and get the video that way, may take a min to load.

4. Flash videos buffer while they are loading smaller wait time they are several on the site.

5. Sending some smaller video files to You Tube.  It won't be just for cheaters anymore.

Let me know if there is anything i can do to help out.  Some of the videos are actually quite good to watch.  The WMV  videos can be downloaded to your machine with the right click.  I know the flash can't but the others can so try it that way.  Also will try to make the video files smaller so they load faster.  Hope this helps. - John

February 16th, 2011: Going through the process of converting some of the video files to iPhone and iTouch.  Just makes it easier to send over to iTunes and the options are a little better for viewing.  Keep your tads coming.  Send me an "E" if you have any questions or comments for the site or the content.  I should have a new video up by tomorrow. - John

February 2nd, 2011: Uploaded a game on TAG 4 Corners.  It was a 1 vs 1 and quite the interesting thing to see.  I won't spoil it, go take a look with a PC or iPhone. - John

January 20th, 2011: Rescue effort for the devastated island of Haiti are well under way.  Anyone interested in donating should visit Our prayers are with the families of those that have perished. - John

January 12th, 2011: You Tube cheater videos submitted.  Silent trainer identified.  This trainer has been spotted on Phoenix and TA Zone.  No unit errors uncovered is making this a different and silent trainer.  Have a bunch of tads and have been counting metal extractors and metal makers and comparing output to that of players in the game.  Seems that so called experts are setting there trainers to low metal in order not to be uncovered.  Just a bunch of low life resource hackers.  Instabuild using this trainer has been posted in the Hall of Shame.  What a digital age we live in. - John

January 5th, 2011: New video added to the site.  It was a good game 3 vs 3 on Hundred Isles.  Thank you LoC members for sending them in.  Resolution improved on the video and improved streaming with flash.  Want to make sure we can make out the names. - John

January 1st, 2011: Happy New Year !  Also check out our Forums for up and coming events and TA chatter.  I also have been witnessing some out right hacking and cheating on TA Zone.  If you have a tad and you get unit errors chances are 100% that a player in the game used a hack or a cheat.  Massive errors such as 3-7 unit errors in a tad that you were a part of shows outright trainer abuse.  You can not have a unit error or missing units in a tad that you were a part of.  That is a sure sign someone you were playing with or against was using a cheat.  In vista most could not see the tad, hence a uprising in cheating that could not be verified.  The switch to Win 7 has solved that problem.  All in win 7 can see the recordings.  I had gotten complaints from people about cheating in total annihilation and have looked into it.  I have a list of names that I am watching and at least 3 people that have been exposed already.  The only thing stopping me from posting and embarrassing these people is the almighty Boogieman.  This is the new year.  If i get one more tad on any of the names I now have in my list I will not only post the tad but a full blown video will be submitted to itunes. - John

December 30th, 2010 :  Added two more Podcasts to the site.  They are available in iTunes by searching Total Annihilation, in the Podcast section.  Once again they are setup for mobile devices but can be viewed in your iTunes or windows explorer as a Rss feed.  They are optimized for smaller screens so adjust your video size accordingly.  Thanks for checking back with us. - John

December 23rd, 2010: Archive section for online videos created.  Any archived video will play in the archive page regardless of where it is on the site.  Boog also has some more features and map making files coming.  So stay tuned. - John

November 12th, 2010: Working on some stuff for the site.  Talk to Boog if you have a question on Vista or Win 7.  Looks like if you own Xp you should stay put with your OS, if you are not having problems.  If you are having problems with XP or Vista then you can upgrade but first check the Microsoft site to see if your hardware is compatible. - John

October 27th, 2010: I had a chance to load Windows 7 premium on a 4 year old laptop and run Windows 7 Professional on a newer machine as well as the beta on a net book. Seems that you can now see the Tads with the TA demo recorder. Some people had said they could not see the recordings with Vista. Looks like Win 7 took care of that. I have been able to record and watch the Tads afterward. So far it has been stable. Also fixed the AI TA files. Some of them were giving errors for corruption. Don't know if it was the site or the peeps downloading them. But they have been reloaded and sent up to space. Let me know if you get any errors on content so I can address it sooner than later. - John

October 10th, 2010: Uploaded some files.  Stuey Map pack is now on our site.  He says that he is going to get some of the other maps he has together for us.  Also, a video on Gods of War has been uploaded.  It features two very good Pros.  Take a look at that video and some of the others we have on the site. - John

Sept 27th 2010: Big game on Great Divide II in the video section. Take a look. - John

Sept 24, 2010:  Special thanks to the No_ clan for providing me tads for the site.  A few tads added and some videos posted.  Keep them coming.  Thanks again. - John

Sept 4th, 2010: Have a good weekend. Few files added. - John

Aug 21, 2010 : Added a couple of videos to the list. - John

Aug 7th, 2010: Video Added on Blazter's Beach. - John

July 31 st,2010: Video added on Sail Away.   Good Old Skool Style game. - John

July 16th, 2010: Chrismor has added another map to his collection.  This map is based on the Scrabble board game and is very playable.  We also have a tad that we may release showing some very good play. - John

July 4th, 2010: Tad loaded on Blaster's Beach.  Good game to watch with TA Demo Recorder, keep them coming. - John

July 3rd, 2010: Chrismor has gotten his maps in a series.  Chrismor Map Pack 1, Chrismor Map Pack 2, Chrismor Map Pack 3, Chrismor Map Pack 4.  They can be downloaded by clicking his links in the Maps Main Page. - John

July 1st, 2010: Got a few Tads I am working on as well as getting a pack together on some maps that have been floating around. - John

June 10th, 2010: Chrismor has sent in a new map called Luna.  Looks real nice take a peek on his page in the map section. - John

June 8th, 2010 : Be careful playing homie12 when he is the host or moderator of the room.  He likes to reject people when he is getting owned, which seems to be every game. - John

June 1 st, 2010 : Chrismor has a new map out.  Take a look at his Map Page for his other works - John

May 13th, 2010 : We make updates to the site but do not announce them to the world.  Check out the BOTW video section for updates to our library.  Just added a few more videos to the site - John

May 13th, 2010 : Big Game on Red Triangle.  They dont get too much bigger than this.  You would think that this is a marathon style game but it is not.  The only rule was outside start.  Get your popcorn out. - John

May 7th, 2010 : New Map Added in Map section - Forest Paths of Death v2 - John

May 7th, 2010 : 1 1/2 hr game on WOG v2 available in the recordings section.  Way too large for me to make a video of it now.  Might do so later's if I get the chance - John

May 3rd, 2010: 3 vs 3 on Sail Here added to Video section - John

April 30th, 2010 : Loading some Tads on to the site.  I am looking for some Old Skool tads 1997 - 2004 to go on the site and maybe make into a video.  Please send them through the upload page in the essentials section.  If they are too large you can email me - John

April 2nd, 2010 : Forums are up and active.  Videos section is up and running.  Any problems let us know. - John

March 20th, 2010 : Loaded some new videos onto the site.  Because of the new Explorer 8, some have not been able to get passed the security on there browsers.  We have made the videos online now.  They will work on the site and if you chose you can still download them with a right click and save target as.  Any comments contact me at - John

February 21st, 2010: Boogieman has gotten some Artificial Intelligence (AI) files together from various sources.  You can go check them out in Boogie’s Basement. - John

February 7th, 2010 : Boogie sent in some TA Guides and an assortment of other files that have been uploaded in his section as well as the LoC Ness map.  Working on getting an expanded collection of maps and some hard to find files together.  In the mean time make sure to get the Ta Zone Map Pack and Safe Way Map Pack from the map section of the site. - John

February 5th, 2010 : The new site is up and running. There are a few clips I want to get together before I open up the small recording section. Boogie has a page here now. He does his part on and wanted us to keep some newer peeps up on TA. Some maps and files are going to get scarce as the game ages. - John

February 4th, 2010 : We will be going to set up some recordings in a section on the site. Just a few at first. Get a hold of Boog if you want any recordings posted. - John

February 3rd, 2010 : There will be an overhaul of the site in the next coming weeks. This was meant only to be a sketch for the TA site we had envisioned. I will be working on it trying to get it up and running. All the links works. If you find a link that does not work then send us a message and it will be fixed ASAP. - John

February 2nd, 2010 : Special thanks to LoC_Boogieman who is going to now coordinate content on this site. This is good news as he has a long history of experience and leadership with TA and its community. The TA Zone Map Pack is up and running. You can get it from the Map link on the left side. I have seen some good maps that are out there. I think we will get up a Map of the week section. Looking for suggestions on that. The All In One File for instillation has been uploaded to the site. It took me a while to get my first site the way I wanted it, so this should hopefully go a lot smoother. Once again thank you for all the support. This site is a work in progress. - John

February 1st, 2010 : I will be sending up the TA Zone Map Pack sometime today. The rest of the files work. Once again thank you to the people who are involved with the effort. Until the feed back form comes in, you can contact me with this link. - John

January 31st, 2010 : I have the essentials up and running. The All In One Install will be coming tomorrow. I did not have time to get it up to the site. Any questions once again, let me know how I can make the site more appealing to you. - John

January 30th 2010 : Tech Support Desk is Back. I retired long ago and came back a few times with some prodding from former clan members. Working on getting the Site up and running. Please send me your questions or comments. The site will be worked on daily with new pages and files added . This will be a community site encompassing files and demos from the people who make up rising as well as veteran players . I signed a long lease with the hosting site so these files are safe as can be. I want to thank LoC_Boogieman for his input towards the start up of this site. Good Luck and God Bless. - John