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Total Annihilation’s


Total Annihilation’s

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Quest for a decent truck March 2017

    I started out looking at a few pickup trucks.  First one was a Tacoma double cab 2017.  Then a Nissan Titan.  Next a Ram 1500.  I have since settled on looking for a Colorado Crew Cab short or long bed.  I will not get into all the specs, more like I will vent on the process of buying a car or truck.  I tried going through True Car.  Either the True Car price was on a demo or the dealer didn’t have it in stock.  I though that was weird since the web showed inventory of the truck.  I tried three different dealers and I was up sold almost every time.  This is suppose to be Truck month for Chevy and Dodge so I thought it would be a good month to try and look.  I have a car coming off of lease and will be trying to get into a new lease.  If the price is right, can buy it.  Test drove the Colorado and it is ok.  Not the Silverado size or build, or F 150. But a decent mid sized truck.  

      First dealer tried to talk me out of the LT version.  Second dealer said they had no LT in stock.  Third dealer tried to sell me a Crew Cab Z71 black out edition.  It retailed for $42,000.  You can wait and get the ZR2 that is coming out any day now, for that amount of money.  Can not believe the price of these things.  You used to be able to get a decent truck for $30,000.  Now it is close to $40,000 or more.  Understanding that the lease price is decent on a lot of these trucks.  Seems like the dealers don’t want you to own anything.  Keeps you coming back every three years.  I will start looking at some 2-3 year old trucks.  Maybe try the auction house.  Don’t need to go new.  Not for these prices.