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Every day maps that are used for Total Annihilation 2016

E Warzone Maps Packed

Loc Map Pack 2009

Read Me

E War Zone Map Pack 2

Safeway Packed in one UFO

Forest Paths of Death v2

[D] The Pool

Zeal Map Pack 1 thru 3 ufo

Zeal Map Pack 4 thru 5 ufo

FETZ Map Pack Vol 1

Fets Vol 2    NJ Map Pack

Rooks Map Pack

Gow 2 V(2) Gow 2 Land

Gow 2 Final War Of Gods V2

47 Zm War Of Gods

GOW 44 & Archi Pack



ChrisMor Maps Page


TA Maps & Files added Since Jan 1st 2017

TA Features 2013  PD Marathon Maps from Gully

V1 Maps Final-Gully  V2 Maps-Gully  V3 Maps Final-Gully

V4 Maps Final-Gully